Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to make square watermelons

step 1
Materials and tools

You need 6, 8" square, 3/8" thick (or thicker) sheets of polycarbonate plastic. (Lexan) You will need 4 gate hinges and 2 hinged clasps with flat head machine screws an…

step 2
Cut the stem pass through

In the first sheet drill a 1" diameter hole in the center with the drill and hole saw. Then, using a hand or power saw, cut 2 parallel lines from the hole perpendicular to …

step 3
Add first set of hinges

Use a box to rest the left side sheet, place the top sheet left edge over the left side sheet edge and fasten the sheets together as shown in the diagram with 2 hinges.

step 4
Trim the inset sides

Measure the width of the sheets and trim each side of the the inset sides by this width.

step 5
Fasten sides

The edges of the inset sides will have to be trimmed the thickness of the poly you use so they can be inset and still keep the box mould square. Trimming these edges is probably …

step 6
Do the bottom

Place the box on its top, add the last sheet for the bottom and secure with hinges as you did the top.

step 7
Add the clasps

Clasps go opposite the hinges on the top and bottom sheets.

step 8

Plant watermelons. As soon they begin to grow large enough to place them in the box mould with the stem through the slit and hole, do so. Remove when ripe.


  1. Thank you very much... You don´t know how you help, Thanks...

  2. omg! i didnt follow ur instructions but i did make a mould :) out of wood though! heheheeh poop :P

  3. Thanks a lot it is a fantastic support, now to make square watermelons is easy by using your information. Thank you

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