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Combination Switch Assembly

Combination Switch Assembly
Price: Negotiable
Min Order: 1
Part Name: Combination Switch Assembly
Application: Automotive
Resin Type: Poly Carbonate, Poly Propelyne, ABS, PBT & POM
Description: 12 Different Components with Snapfit module
Prod Model: AUTOMOULD18
Shaping Mode: Plastic Injection Mould
Product: Vehicle Mould
Product Material: Plastic
PF mold has since 2000 produced moulds to customers in China. And export 80% mold to the whole of the world.
Our expertise is in modelling and the construction of moulds and injection moulding. The fact that we're working on all these areas often requires expertise from one area affecting the others in a reinforcing manner.

We have a modern workshop combined with the use of 3D right from the design stage to finished product, a great advantage for our customers. We produce all kinds of moulds from small technical moulds to large moulds. The biggest mould we have completed is 15000 kg.

As a leader in plastic injection molding and mold making, PF mold Co., Ltd. is the one stop shop for all your needs. We can design your idea, make a mold, run the plastic parts, finish the parts to your specifications, and ship to your specified location. With thirty years of experience, LMI's Design Department can take your idea and, using CAD/CAM and Solidworks, turn your idea into a working model. Our Mold Building Department will use their precision wire and sink EDM and CNC machining services to turn your design into a state of the art working mold. Once the mold is finished, the Plastics Department will run your part to your exact specifications, including custom color and finishing. With 24/7 capacity and in-house quality control, we make our customers wishes a priority. PF's one stop shop is the perfect place to take your idea and make it a reality.
We understand your desire to profitably satisfy your customer's needs, and so we add tangible value to our products and services to enable you to do so. The following will illustrate how PF can help you achieve your goals.

From Part Concept to Mold Design
Consider the cost of not starting off with the right mold design and the value of knowing that you have the right one.
When our clients ask us to undertake a new mold project, it is most often in response to the requirements of the end-use customer. PF works with the molding company to determine how best to meet the end-use customer's requirements. Often, changes in the initial concept need to be made to optimize cost and performance.

Rapid Response
Consider the potential cost of not meeting your customer's time requirements and the value of knowing you can deliver on time.
Whether you need to purchase one small mold or many large molds to meet the needs of your customer, it is essential that your customer get the new product to market quickly. Your customer often places significant demands on you to provide quality parts with very short lead times.
At PF, every one of the people working on your project is an owner of the company. Each of us understands that satisfying your requirements is essential to our success. Over the years, PF has continuously shortened delivery times by improving our scheduling and production processes.

Successful Startup
At PF, our goal is to have your mold make perfect parts first time out-of-the-box. What does it cost your company when that doesn't happen and what is the value of knowing that it will?

Continuous Improvement
Have you considered replacing older generation molds with the faster molds that are available today? How much more could you afford to spend to achieve a 25% increase in production? The faster cycle times significantly enhance your bottom line performance_yet another way PF adds value.
The pace of change in our industry has been fierce this past decade. Molds that 6 years ago ran with cycle times of 8 or 9 seconds are now being replaced with molds that cycle in half that time_significantly reducing per part cost. PF operates at the cutting edge of this environment. We are constantly seeking improved designs to help reduce per part cost.

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