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RTV Mold Making Silicone Rubber (3019-AB)

RTV Mold Making Silicone Rubber (3019-AB)
Price: Negotiable/Piece
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Min Order: 200Kgs
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LSR-3019 is pourable two component RTV addition/platinum cure type translucent silicone rubber compounds for mold making. The two component system consists of a base (Part A) and curing agent/catalyst (Part B). After mixing parts 'A' and 'B' in the correct proportions, the system will cure at ambient temperatures within 24 hours by an addition reaction, and the rate of cure can be accelerated by heat. The cured rubber exhibits excellent physical and electrical properties.

LSR-3019 is suitable for applications where very accurate dimensional reproduction is required, (such us rapid prototyping and model making, it produce exactitude moulds of complicated parts, precisely reproducing the dimensions of the original part. ) And also where higher temperature tolerance is required or where the maximum of repetitive releases will be possible.
Can be used for casting a range of materials, plaster, polyurethane, polyester and other reactive resins, concrete the materials typically used.

Addition cure silicone rubber is a more advanced type of RTV silicone than the more cost effective "condensation cure" silicone. It has many merits, such us:
High dimensional stability
Very low shrinkage - less than 0.1%
Fine detail reproduction
High tear and tensile strength
Curing accelerated by heat
High chemical resistance (PU)

How to use
1. Preparation:
Certain contaminants found in mold-making operations can prevent curing. The original or pattern to be molded should be thoroughly cleaned to remove surface contaminants. If necessary, and in particular with porous substrates, a suitable release agent such as petroleum jelly or soap solution should then be wiped or sprayed to facilitate release.
2. Weighting:
Weigh a required amount of A and B parts by weight at the ration of 10 to 1 (A to B) into a clean plastic or metal container. Note that the weight of the bases and catalyst must be weighed accurately.
A sufficiently large container permits degassing without overflow. It is approximately 3-4 times the volume of base compound to be used.
3. Mixing:
Mix thoroughly. Fully stir until the curing agent is completely dispersed in the base, using the color contrast to achieve homogeneity.
4. De-gassing:
Stop the mixer and scrape the vessel walls a few times. To prevent imperfections due to bubbles in the cured rubber, it is strongly recommended that entrapped air be removed by using intermittent evacuation in a vacuum chamber for a few minutes, allowing the mix to completely expand and then collapse.
5. Pouring and Curing:
If the mix be inspected and free of air bubbles, pour the mixed base and catalyst as soon as possible onto the original, avoiding air entrapment. The catalyzed material will cure to a firm, flexible rubber within 24 hours at room temperature and then the mold can be removed.
Silicone rubber remains a flowable, pourable material for 1~2 hours after the curing agent is added at room temperature. And the rate of cure can be accelerated by heating. The following table offers a guide to the rate of cure at various temperatures:

Temperature, ° C Curing Time
25° C 24 hours
60° C ~ 70° C 2 ~ 3 hours
120° C 30 minutes

Inhibition of Cure:
Among materials found to cause inhibition are amines, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and arsenic containing, as are organometallic salts-containing compounds used in condensation cure silicones. Surfaces previously in contact with any of the above materials may also cause inhibition.

6. Mold Performance & Storage:
The physical life of the mold depends on how you use it (working temperature, materials cast, frequency, etc. ).
Molds should be stored on a level surface in a cool, dry environment.
Model 3019-AB
Before Curing
Color (Part A) Translucent
Color (Part B) Translucent
Appearance Translucent Viscous liquid
Viscosity A  (25°C , mPa.s) 80,000
Mixing Ratio (A:B) 10:1
Pot Life (25°C , 65% RH) 1 hour
Curing Time 24 hours at 25°C / 2 hours at 60°C
Approved for use with food No
Cured Elastomer (after 7 days cure at  23±2°C and 65% relative humidity)
Hardness 40° Shore A
Tensile Strength ≥5.0 Mpa
Elongation at Break ≥300%
Tear Strength ≥20kN/m
Density 1.1 g@cm 3
Linear Shrinkage 0.1%
Min. Operating Temperature -50°C
Max. Operating Temperature 200°C

Prod Model: 3019-AB
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Material: Silicone Rubber
Appearance: Translucent Liquid
Aspire Technology Co., Ltd. - We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of Silicone Rubber material in Shenzhen, China since 1994. Production base is located in Zhuhai city. Aspire has the formulating and manufacturing expertise to produce custom silicones for a variety of applications. With over twenty years' experience of manufacture in domestic market, Aspire now develop and expand to abroad rapidly, and we have confident to satisfy requirements worldwide.

Our product range includes: Two-component Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV-2) condensation cure (tin catalyzed) and addition cure (platinum catalyzed) silicone rubber compounds for mold making; High Temperature Vulcanization (HTV) silicone compounds; Silicone sealant for construction; RTV-2 for electric and electronic application; Silicone fluids; Epoxy resin, etc^Our own custom formulations, unrivalled experience and expertise enable us to offer our customers the best fit solution, more cost effective material, and continuity of supply for diverse range of needs.

With experienced technicians and well-trained marketing teams, by utilizing high quality raw material, scientific design & work flow, and along with strict quality control. We guarantee our customers with high quality products, professional technical guidance and excellent after-sales service. You can expect not only professional service from the initial inquiry through to delivery of the product, but also additional expertise and advice that we are happy to provide over and above just doing our job.

"Credit First, Service foremost", we want to become your preferred silicone rubber supplier. In return, we will work tirelessly for you developing silicone materials and products to give you the competitive advantages you require. With good faith and for mutual benefits, we are looking forward to establishing long-term business cooperation as well as good friendship with you. Welcome to contact us!

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