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Business Type: Manufacturer,Other
Main Products:

SMC Mould


FRP Mould


Fiberglass Mould


BMC Mould


Plastic Mould


Injection Mould


GRP Mould


DMC Mould

Number of Employees: <5
Annual Turnover: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million

Taizhou Tianqin Mould & Plastics Co., Ltd., on the coast of the East China Sea, is located in Huangyan District--"Mould Town of China", Taizhou City. It is an enterprise with integrated features of mould design, manufacturing, processing and FRP products pressing, mainly providing moulds for thermosetting plastics SMC, BMC, DMC, FRP, GRP and moulds for various composite products. The company owns more than 20 sets of equipment for mould processing, manufacturing and trial, including CNC machining centers, EDM machines, drilling machines, hydraulic press machines, SMC sheeting and BMC kneading machines. It is one of the few enterprises with integrated features of SMC sheet manufacturing, mould processing and products pressing.

TQ Mould devotes to R & D of molding technology of thermosetting composite materials (SMC/ BMC/ DMC/ DAP/ Directional lay-up) as well as the mould development. In 2000, the company started to cooperate with military research institutions and enterprises on directional lay-up technology and relevant mould development and trial. TQ Mould plays a key role in the application of UD/Kevlar bulletproof composite material in domestic military protective equipment field.

As a result of our ongoing development, TQ Mould has built up a set of integrated solutions on molding of SMC/BMC/DMC/DAP and directional lay-up. Together with material manufacturers, we make bold research and innovation from selection of raw material and press machine to mould design and processing. We endeavor to improve parts quality, efficiency of molding, automaticity of mould processing as well as interchangeability of the moulds. All these researches and efforts lead to the reduce of molding cost and initial investment.

Main Mould Category:

1. Mould for SMC auto parts: Heavy-duty truck bumper, fairing, instruments panel, fender, lamp reflecting cover, radiator protection board, automotive air conditioner shell, engine cover, etc.

2. Mould for kitchen & bathroom products: Bathromm unit accessories, bathtub, shower tray, toilet stool, ceiling, sink, basin, etc.

3. Mould for electrical appliances: Switch box, meter box, cable branch box, railway signal box, cable box, air cooler shell, insulating parts, etc.

4. Mould for transportation & sports: Antiglare shield, basketball board, table-tennis table board, train seat, manhole cover, trash can, dustbin, etc.

5. Mould for military products: PE/KEVLAR bulletproof helmet, bulletproof armour, bulletproof shield, missile wing, magazine, transmitter support, tear gas shell, etc.

6. Other construction & industrial mould for composite product: Mould for carbon fiber product, helmet mould, manhole cover mould, trash can mould, water tank mould, etc.

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