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Blow Molding Machine (SUPER DKW-10TD)

Blow Molding Machine (SUPER DKW-10TD)
Price: US $ 68000/Set
Trade Terms: FOB
Min Order: 1/Set
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,D/P
Super Dekewei Series Blow Molding Machine (DKW-10TD) 1. Extrusion Bottle Blow Molding Machine (DKW-10D) 2. HDPE Bottle Blow Molding Machine (with De-flashing system) 3. Cosmetic Blow Molding Machine (with view strip line/Transparent line device) 4. Plastic Blow Molding Machine (with multilayer material) 5. Full automatic Blow Molding Machine (with recycle system) 6. Bottle Blow Molding Machine (with paristion controller) 7. Plastic jerry can production Blow Molding Machine (with multi-head) 8. Small type Blow Molding Machine 9. Hollow Blow Molding Machine (with cooling cutter) 10. High speed Blow Molding Machine (with labeling machine) 11. PE Blow Molding Machine (with oblique blow function) 12. Container product Blow Molding Machine (with wide mouth bottle cutting machine) 13. Plastic Blow Molding Machine to PE,PP,PS,PVC,TPU,PETG,PA,ABS,EVOH,EVA,POM and K . 14. PVC material Blow Molding Machine (with de-flashing system) 15. Blow Molding Machine for jerry can product 16. Blow Molding Machine for lubricant containers 17. Blow Molding Machine for food jars DKW Model Blow Molding Machine Character A.???? High speed, B.????? Stable and g. C.????? Steadiness Well D.???? Energy-Saving E.????? CE Approved F.????? Professional for TPU Product G.???? Flat movement Guide Rail Type H.???? Servo-Pump Energy Saving System 1. Double station, single head for six head 2. Mold center distance: Double Head 180mm, Three Head 120mm,Ffour Head 100mm, Six Head 60mm 3. Single layer to six layer, can match transparence line 4. Daily output capacity(24 hours), can reach 12, 000-86, 000PCS 5. Can make 0.3-5L plastic hollow products Parameters: Screw Diameter: Φ 70 Screw L/D ratio: 26: 1 Screw RPM(50Hz): 10-80r/min Extraction Capacity per hour(PE): 100kg/h Number of Heaters: 4 Opening Stoke: 490mm Clamping Stoke: 180-550mm Mold Clamping force(160Bar): 10T Dry Cycle Time: 3.4S Thickness Parison Control: 100-300points Cooling Water Consumption: 0.6m3/min(0.3Mpa, 180C) Compressed Air Consumption: 2.0m3/min(0.8Mpa) Machine Net: 12T Power Consumption: Inverter Motor: 30KW Screw Heating capacity(PE): 14KW Hydraulic Motor: 18.5+2.2KW Die-head Heating Zone Power: 6KW Maximum Electrical Power Rating: 72.7KW Automatic Equipment 1. Auto De-flashing device 2. Cooling cutter device 3. Cooling molding device 4. New-old proportion dispatcher 5. Slanting-blow device 6. Parison thickness controller 7. Auto. Lubrication 8. Slanting conveyor belt 9. Horizontal conveyor belt 10. Auto. Robot arm 11. IML In mold labeling machine??????????????????????????????? 12.Crusher 13. Auto. Loader 14. Stand-alone wild-mouth bottle trimming machine (Cutting machine) Full Automatic Production: Production of products made from our SUPER DEKEWEI Series machine
Prod Model: DKW-10TD
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Oil Pump: Vickers
PLC Temperature Control Module: B&R From Austria
Oil Valve: Condition New
Automation: Automatic
Making Method Of Parison: Extrusion-Blow Molding
Computerized: Computerized
Certification: ISO9001:2008
Hong Kong DeKeWei Machinery Group is a professional manufacturer who dedicates itself to research, develop and manufacture full automatic extrusion blow molding machine and its auxiliary equipments. Our group's factory, namely Dongguan Jinjun Machinery Co., Ltd. Was established in 1999 in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.
Our factory covers an area of 16, 000 square meters, and has automatic processing equipments such as CNC turning-lathe, CNC processing center, imported inner outer round grinding machine, automatic sheet metal coating production line. Our production capacity is 300 blow molding machines, 400 leak testers, 200 plastic bottles bagging machines and others.
We insist strict implementation of ISO9001 quality certification system, and can provide customers with comprehensive technical support and services. We have become one of the leading suppliers of automation solutions for the blow molding industry. We are the blow molding and packing solutions supplier to some famous international brands including Shell Group, bp, Caltex, Sinopec, Mobil, P&G and Unilever.
Our reputation for professional sales force, knowledgeable application engineers, efficient project teams, and skilled service technicians makes us a winning combination.

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  • Dongguan Jinjun Machinery Co., Ltd.

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