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High Precision, High Capacity, Direct Pressure Pet Injection Molding Machine (CSD-PET-DP Series)

High Precision, High Capacity, Direct Pressure Pet Injection Molding Machine (CSD-PET-DP Series)
Price: US $ 99000-220000/Piece
Trade Terms: FOB,CFR,others
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T

Changshengda Machinery (Zhejiang) Co. Ltd. (CSD) specializes in research and development in Injection Molding Machines for medical and food industry, PET two stage Automatic Stretch Blow Molding Machines, Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machines and various types of Plastic Moulds and other hi-tech products.

High Precision, High Capacity, Direct Pressure Pet Injection Molding Machine (CSD-PET-DP Series)

1) High speed: Nitrogen assisted injection system, injection rate of 380 cm3/s
2) Features: Direct pressure mold clamping system, the most stable mold clamping system
3) Environmental protection: No contact between 4 tie bars and moving template, lubricating oil free
4) Precise: Servo valve injection system, 100% accurate in repeated injection
5) Performance: Double differential circuit, mold clamping speed is increased
6) Energy-saving: Double closed-loop servo system
7) Control: European brand is applied in temperature control, temperature control ±0.5 degree centigrade. 
8) Advantage:One station manufacturing for the preform mold and injection molding machine,
                         48 cavity production cycles reaches 12.5s.


SCREW L/D RATIO L/D 22 23 25 25 25 25
SHOT VOLUME(THEORETICAL) cm 3 570 762 1286 1848 2692 4616
SHOT WEIGHT g 655 876 1480 2125 3096 5309
INJECTION PRESSURE Mpa 167 163 175 175 162 158
INJECTION RATE g/s 320 320 300 300 280 250
SCREW SPEED rpm 0~200 0~200 0~180 0~180 0~160 0~150
PLASTICIZING CAPACITY g/s 35.3 52 72.5 103 151 190
CLAMPING UNIT CLAMPING FORCE KN 1700 2100 2500 3000 4200 5500
OPEN STROKE mm 660 720 770 820 700 750
SPACE BETWEEN TIE BARS(W×H) mm 480×480 540×540 600×600 690×690 750×820 940×870
MOULD THICKNESS mm 220~880 260~980 280~1050 430~1250 600~1500 600~1550
EJECTOR FORCE KN 50 60 70 85 130 160
EJECTOR STROKE mm 180 200 200 230 250 260
EJECTOR NUMBER n 9 13 13 13 13 13
OTHERS HEATER POWER KW 18 26 26 35 52 68
PUMP MOTOR POWER KW 33 50 55 64 93 114
MAX PUMP PRESSURE   Mpa 16 16 16 16 16 16
MACHINE DIMESION(L×W×H) m 5.76×1.48×1.8 6.48×1.6×1.85 7.23×1.68×2.0 8.5×1.95×2.3 8.2×2.25×2.48 8.9×2.43×2.52
MACHINE WEIGHT t 6.6 8.5 12.5 16.8 19.8 22.3
OIL BOX CAPACITY L 600 700 800 900 1000 1100
Prod Model: CSD-PET-DP Series
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Advantage: High Precision, High Capacity Direct Pres
Clamping Force: 170-550t
High Speed: Nitrogen Assisted Injection System
Type: Preform Injection
Automation: Automatic
Structure: Horizontal
Computerized: Computerized
Plastic Type: Thermoplastic
Changshengda Machinery (Zhejiang) Co. Ltd. (CSD) was established in 1992 with a registered capital of $5.2 million USD from Australian sole-ownership enterprises, and boasts a 72, 000 square meter factory zone. The company specializes in research and development in environmental protection, high-precision energy saving injection molding machines for medical and food industry, PET two stage automatic injection stretch blow molding machines, automatic extrusion blow molding machines and various types of plastic moulds and other hi-tech products. Its produce a wide range of goods such as food and beverages packing, plastic goods, pharmaceuticals packing, cleaning products, auto parts, toiletries, home appliances, construction materials, electronics, and so on. CSD's products achieved exceptional sales in South East Asia, the Americas, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Currently the company is working in conjunction with ten of China's most famous brands. CSD's products have gained recognition both inside and outside China as a highly precise, energy-efficient and incredibly streamlined manufacturing company.

CSD boasts a standardized and streamlined production and operations system which has received ISO9001 quality authentication. The company has also been giving the following honorary titles: "Provincial Hi-tech Enterprise R&D Centre", "Zhejiang Province Hi-tech Enterprise", "Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprise", among others. CSD's business ethic primarily focuses on three aspects - one, acting in good faith at all times; Two, making science and technology a priority; And three, thriving on producing superior quality products. The company makes use of advanced design concepts, sophisticated processing equipment and incredibly precise manufacturing methods to meet the needs of high-end clients both inside and outside China.

CSD's products are continuously being innovated in a bib to ensure product quality and secure a reputable corporate image. The company also promotes the service commitment of one station service. The establishment of CSD after-sales centers all around the world not only demonstrates the company's dedication to thorough after-sales support, but also shows a commitment to providing excellent goods at reasonable prices to both new and existing clients.

CSD's employees are driven towards pluralism, standardization and the industrialized development of new technologies, and the company is committed to being an industry leader in plastic goods manufacturing.

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